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On a daily basis, hundreds of Wisconsin residents fail to recognize there is a way out of their current dilemma. A substantial percentage of homes in the Greater Milwaukee area and beyond are suffering from an inability to pay their bills on time, falling further behind in mortgage payments and, as a result, detrimentally increasing their personal financial crisis.

Likewise, parents going through a divorce must absolutely fight the best fight possible on behalf of their children. No one takes on custody battles and spousal support disputes better than the Milwaukee divorce attorneys at The Fields Group. As attorneys at law, we can lend the helping hand you so desperately need. Here is where you can stay in touch with valuable tips and information regarding our legal services, and more importantly, how they directly affect you.

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Friday, July 24, 2015
DIY Debt Resolution in Milwaukee If you are considering filing for bankruptcy without an attorney, you would be known as a pro se litigant. Pro se means “on one’s own behalf”. The filing fee in any United States Bankruptcy court for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is set at $335. Except in extreme situations, you must pay this fee, there is no sliding scale. The process for getting the fee waived is extremely difficult and success is rare. Attorney Advice Is Availa...Continue Reading
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