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Do It Yourself Bankruptcy in Wisconsin vs. Hiring an Attorney

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DIY Debt Resolution in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Bankruptcy AttorneysIf you are considering filing for bankruptcy without an attorney, you would be known as a pro se litigant. Pro se means “on one’s own behalf”. The filing fee in any United States Bankruptcy court for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is set at $335. Except in extreme situations, you must pay this fee, there is no sliding scale. The process for getting the fee waived is extremely difficult and success is rare.

Attorney Advice Is Available Throughout Wisconsin

Since bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal outcomes, the United States Court system strongly recommends hiring an attorney. Pro se litigants are expected to strictly adhere to federal court rules and proceedings, without exception. You should be familiar with United States bankruptcy code, the federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, as well as the rules of the local court – which are available on the local court websites – but court employees and bankruptcy judges are prohibited by law from offering legal advice, so you will be on your own.

In addition, pro se litigants are expected to know both State and Federal exemption systems and which one to best utilize to protect your assets. The bankruptcy trustee’s job is to recover as many of your assets as possible for your creditors. They will not give you advice on how to protect your assets and will take advantage of your mistakes. With the help of an attorney, most Chapter 7 cases can be filed and completed without the debtors losing a single asset.

The Fields Group Offers Free Consultations Statewide

The lawyers at The Fields Group offer free consultations for you to find out which debt-resolution situation fits you best, as well as help you deal with serious financial difficulties. Jeffrey K. Fields and his legal team have a reputation throughout the Milwaukee legal community and the State of Wisconsin as caring lawyers with proven results. They are available to help and advise you on whether you should file for bankruptcy, under which Chapter to file, and whether your debts can be discharged.

The right Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney will be able to predict whether you will be able to keep your home, car, or other property after you file. Your attorney will be able to explain if there are tax consequences from filing, and whether you should continue to pay your creditors. Having a great lawyer on your side is essential for explaining the bankruptcy laws and procedures and helping to complete and file the proper forms.
Ultimately, you are the captain of your own ship, but a knowledgeable Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney will help you navigate all aspects of your case and keep you afloat during stormy seas.

Contact our Milwaukee Bankruptcy Law Firm today to become debt-free.

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