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We thank Field’s Group Law firm for the help they gave us during our Loan Modification process. The service we received was timely and caring.

- Charles and Mary T.

We are very pleased with The Fields Group Law Firm. We heard of your firm through word of mouth. Everything was very professional and we were treated very well. It can be hard and embarrassing when dealing with financial issues but you treated us fairly and did not make us feel ashamed of our situation. It can also be difficult to find someone to trust. I would recommend your firm to anyone needing assistance. Your firm is professional, kind and trustworthy.

- Steve and Kim O

Bankruptcy is not a good thing, but sometimes necessary to get ones financial life in order. I cannot say how impressed my wife and I were with your services. From the paralegals, lawyers and judges – The whole process was clean and everyone was nice and very helpful. Our biggest thanks to you. With your guidance and answers to our questions – the whole process was efficient and professional. We are on the road to financial responsibility and we really appreciate your help during this difficult time.

- Russell and Nancy S.

Let be known that there are NOT many law firms that treat you with such respect and dignity that the Fields Group Law Firm has bestowed upon me during my difficult time. You treated me as if I was family. She took the time to LISTEN to me instead of trying to boost up a huge bill. Thank you so much for your professional kindness.

- Michael B.

Thank you, it was a pleasure working with the Firm. I will gladly reply with praise : )

- Jeannette P.

When first contemplating chapter 7 bankruptcy, it scared me out of my mind. All I thought was “I can get out of this myself, I don’t need to file bankruptcy”, but that thought just put me in a worse situation. So I contacted The Fields Group Law Firm, they were all very comforting, and very easy to work with. It was a simple transaction. They answered all my questions, and were very thorough with their answers. Everything went very smoothly thanks to all the people I worked with at The Fields Group. I would recommend The Fields Group to anyone who is in the same situation I was. Claiming bankruptcy was the best thing I could do to get my life in order, and The Fields Group made it easier.

- Scott D.

The Fields Group sent me (what I would call a random)letter after I received a letter from a company that was going to take me court. I was nervous because I never heard of them and they were not located in the town I lived. I have to say I am SO THANKFUL they did reach out to me! The were professional, they solved all my issues and totally the BEST experience a person could have in a time in my life that was not going so great. I HIGHLY recommend The Fields Group to any one experiencing legal needs! There is nothing to say expect they are GREAT! Scale of 1 to 10 I put 10!

- Tammy M.

TFG really made the process pain free, I’m grateful for their help! Thank YOU for dealing with me personally 

- Robert F.

Before I turned to The Fields Group Law Firm I tried another place. The other place constantly made mistakes and it cost me hundreds of dollars. After receiving a mailing from The Fields Group Law Firm, I decided to call them. I have dealt with the same people throughout the entire process, making answers easily attained. Any issue or problem I had was answered promptly and to my full satisfaction (even if it took one or two extra questions). Thanks to The Fields Group Law Firm I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars and was able to restart my life after being hospitalized for months. After getting out I tried to rebuild my life, and I couldn’t have done it without their help.

- Daniel G.

We Thank Field’s Group Law firm for the help they gave us during our loan Modification process. The service we received was timely and caring.

- Charles and Mary T.

I would like to take the time to thanks all of the staff at the Fields Group Law Firm, for helping me thought the toughest time of the past few months, you were always there to answer my questions when I needed some answers, and not only that you guys assure me things will work out even came very close to the sale day of the home, you kept me up to date, and after the long fight back and forth. not only, did you got them to accept the proposal, I also got a great low interest rate of 2% that is almost unheard of, I want to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and will keep you guys in for things down the road IF or when I need more assistant, and I will also be passing the words along.

- Jintang Y.

All the people we dealt with at Fields Law Group were very kind and understanding of our situation. They helped us thru some tough times and got us a second chance to keep our home. They kept us informed of the long process we had to go thru and walked us thru any requests that our lender needed. Thank you!

- Roger & Linda K.

We Thank you kindly for all your hard work, you guys at Fields Law Firm are the top 10 on my list and I would refer Fields Law Firm to anyone.

- Ernestine and Tiffeny G.

I just wanted to send you a quick “thank you” to you, and all of the rest of your staff that worked on my case, for getting my petition filed so quickly. While this is not something that is pleasant at all to go through, you folks have helped to make it as painless as possible, and I really appreciate it! Hopefully the meeting with the trustee will go smoothly next month and I can put this all behind me as soon as possible. Thanks again for everything!

- Jeff S.

The Fields Group Law Firm has helped make this process easy and painless. Not only that but they have made my life easier while providing answers to my questions quickly and thoroughly. Now that the process is complete, I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I have no one but The Fields Group Law Firm to thank for that. I would recommend this law firm to anyone that needs help out of their current situation.”

- Dan J.

It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me through this rough time. From dealing with terrifying collection agencies to answering any questions I had, you guys have been informative and very helpful. I especially appreciate you guys being at the hearing with me. I had never testified before and I was quite nervous, but the gentleman that represented your firm was very informative and put me at ease. I would recommend you guys to anyone, you were so helpful throughout the whole process.

- Tina Z.

I wish to say THANK You to ALL of those who did play a role in the saving of our beloved home……ALL of You came to help us out… And there could be no better freinds than ALL of You… You have my deepest thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps.If there is anyone that we know of who needs your help,we will recommend Your firm…

- Joseph & Lisa G.

Working with The Fields Group Law Firm was a very pleasant experience. They handle the case with my house very well. The communication was always open and they responded very fast. If I needed to call them someone was always there to answer and help with what I needed. I am very glad I went the the Fields Group. I would recommend them for anyone going through foreclosure issues. They give you advice on what you need to do first and then continue to work with you until the end. Thanks for helping me stay in my home.

- Siren R.

Going through this was an emotional thing for me which I’m sure it is for most people. I felt like I had failed and was a failure; in turn makes a person feel kind of worthless. All of your staff treated me with the utmost respect and compassion and made the whole process much easier and bearable. You were very timely with all the information I needed to get this done with; and all the forms were very self explanatory. I also felt the cost was very reasonable. The attorney that came to my court hearing was very nice and understanding woman and made me feel at ease and that it was going to be over with and not to worry. I all my experience was very favorable for a situation that was not one of my finer moments. Thanks again for everything and best of luck to all of you.

- Rich D.

Hello, we are from St. Point. We had worked with Fields Law office on a loan mod. This law office did a great job and in a reasonable amount of time. It did not take them a year like some places we have tried. You also only deal with one person for contact which is a plus (who wants to go over the same thing with 3 different people). Other places start with one person then you go to another person and tell the same numbers and same info, to be sent to another person that you need to tell again. I would strongly refer anyone to work with Fields Group. They will be glad to help and listen and work with you in your hour of need. Thanks again Fields Law office for all that you did for us.

- Scott and Lisa P.

The Fields Group Law Firm was a great comfort and support to us during a very stressful time in our lives. Through their professionalism and legal knowledge in helping us keep our home by working with our lender for a loan modification, they were still able to make us feel not embarrassed and more guilty for the situation we were in by not judging us but reassuring us they were there to help us. We are very grateful to have found them at a time when we needed them.

- Sue

The Fields Group Law Firm was amazing to work with and was instrumental in helping us save our home! Response time to our inquiries was unbelievably quick and responses were easy to understand. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for playing such a big part in assisting our efforts to remain in our home of 18 years!

- Dorothy and Martin F.

The Fields Law Group has been extremely responsive to all our questions, concerns and needs. In addition very sympathetic to the emotional stress going through a bankruptcy.

- Butch and Sue B.

I should be thanking the Fields Law Firm because if it wasn’t for you guys we would not be in our home. It was a long and rough journey and your Law Firm never gave up on us and fought to keep our home and get our loan modified. It was very successful. It took a while but the firm kept on top of things and always steered us in the right direction, even if it meant re sending the same paperwork over and over to get the job done. Without your law firm we would not have our home today. Thanks to everyone at the Fields Law Firm for making us a successful client. It’s been a pleasure working with every single one of you.

- Anne & Shane C.

For Consumers out there considering giving up home ownership, because they believe that nothing can be done to save their homes. I can tell you that it boils down to the question “do you want to keep your home?” If the answer is no, then you don’t have to read any further, this is not for you. If the answer is yes, then I can tell you that there is an excellent Law Firm that can give you the best possible chance to modify your mortgage, lower you monthly payments, and save your home from foreclosure. That is the Fields Group Law Firm. This firm saved my home from foreclosure, and lowered my monthly payments. They communicated with me every step of the way, and because they were a licensed Wisconsin Law Firm, I felt more secure in them handling the modification, as opposed to the California company that I was also thinking about using. The thing that really set my modification apart from some of the more simple modifications was that I waited until the last minute to take action, and my home was already in foreclosure by the time I contacted Jeff, in addition, my mortgage had already been modified in house once by the Servicer already, and I was in default on that. I can strongly recommend the firms Modification Supervisor, as a knowledgeable modification specialist. If they can be successful with a good modification for me, they can help just about anyone.

- Craig B.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the help you had given us during this trying time with the mortgage company. They did not want to work with us and had we not contacted you for help, we would be homeless today. We are so grateful for everything you have done for us. We will definitely recommend your services to all of our friends and family. thank you again!

- James and Joann C.

Overall you guys are really good, always get back to me, kept me well informed, and I really appreciated the work you did for me!

- Joan C.

My experience with the Fields Group Law Firm was excellent. The staff at the firm were professional, prompt and understanding in guiding us thru unfamiliar waters. Working with our lender they got our interest rate cut in half and our monthly payment lowered by over $300 a month! This was the best Christmas gift we could have gotten! Thank you everyone for your hard work!

- Lynn B.

We began working with the Fields Group to try and save our house. We tried doing it on our own and that didn’t work. So here we are I have lost my job after 15 years and now we’re are about to lose our house. The phone calls with people trying to scare us into working with them and were always there to help us through the rough times and now after a very long and painful road. Our first mortgage has been modified and we can keep our house because of all the work of the Fields Group. I have referred some of my family members to this office.

- Jeff & Michelle W.

To the Better Business Bureau: I would like to bring to your attention the business relationship between myself and The Fields Group Law Firm located in Milwaukee, WI. Eighteen months ago I retained Attorney Jeff Fields to help me during a time of great financial turmoil for my wife and me. This turned out to be the best investment and solution that I could have ever imagined. Attorney Fields and his staff went beyond any effort I thought possible to get my problems to the point that through time and effort, were settled to the satisfaction of my creditors and myself. The firm was able to do this without filing for bankruptcy or any other legal means. Attorney Fields put me on a road to financial recovery with both a professional and compassionate agenda. I owe The Fields Group Law firm a debt of gratitude which I will not be able to pay, except perhaps to give a profound recommendation to anyone who is in financial trouble to get in contact with this outstanding firm.

Thank You,

Tom R

I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy with Field’s Group Law Firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I feel they offered the best price/value in our area, and delivered good service. They were over $600 less expensive than other local law firms for the same service. They were patient with all of our questions as we tried to understand the bankruptcy process. I called/e-mailed them at least 20 times, and they always answered my questions. They have a busy office, so sometimes I had to wait for a call back or e-mail reply, but they always replied and answered my questions in a timely manner. Customers should be aware that the system used by Field’s Group Law Firm involves THE CUSTOMER entering all asset, income, expense, and debt info into a secure online form. Other Law firms just have you hand them a folder full of all your credit card bills, and they enter the info for you. This process of data entry took me several hours longer than I’d hoped, but that’s because I’m a sloppy typist and I had about 30 credit accounts to enter. It was still worth it for the good deal I received. I would recommend this company to others who choose to file chapter 7.

- Peter K

I wholeheartedly recommend The Fields Law Group to anyone seeking first-rate legal assistance with finding effective solutions to debt management challenges. The Fields Law Group has consistently provided my wife and I with sound legal advice and responded in a timely, thorough and caring way to our questions and needs.

- Tim and Cheryl S

My experience with working with The Fields Group Law Firm was very comforting, I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. The first meeting that I had with one of the Fields Group Attorneys put me at easy and I felt comfortable with my attorney that was going to represent me and husband. I will always have The Fields Group Law Firm to represent me and my family in the future if needed, and will refer my friends.

- Toni and Reggie P.

I am just really pleased with the job they did, I know Wells Fargo takes their time and the long review timeframe has nothing to do with the law firm whatsoever. Its way more than I thought it would be. I was expecting a lower payment but not sure what the lender would do as far as us being so far under water. To save $60,000 is a big weight off my shoulders! The Fields Group was great, very good with answers and promptness in getting back to me, even though I was a pain in the butt, bugging them a lot! The Fields Group was very forthright and honest… the main thing was they were honest and it played out they way I expected. They didn’t make promises that they couldn’t keep, and that was really appreciated. Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you guys did.

- Jeffrey H

Well hallelujah! Praise the lord! Well thanks you’ve just been a real blessing! Thank you.

- Jared S.

The Fields Group Law Firm made things very easy for us during a very difficult time. Their staff is very professional, friendly and helpful. We would highly recommend them, and we are very happy with our decision to retain their services.

- Ken and Amy F.

I am extremely happy with the way everything went and very satisfied with the outcome. I appreciate everything The Fields Group did and the staff was very friendly.

- Michael W.

The services I received from your company were truly outstanding. I would recommend you to anyone that finds themselves in financial difficulty. Your group was understanding and compassionate. When I would call the office I could always talk to someone instead of getting endless voicemails and waiting for a call back.

- Kristin K.

My husband and I can’t Thank Attorney Jeffrey Fields and all of the staff at The Fields Group Law Firm enough for helping us through a very difficult and trying time. They are AMAZING. We retained The Fields Group Law Firm in October 2010. December 2006 we were contacted by a company stating they could get a loan modification for us with our mortgage company. So believing this we put our faith and trust into this company to do just that and we were scammed. Thankfully we didn’t lose a lot of money, but we did almost lose our home. Once we realized that the company wasn’t doing a thing they had told us they would do we “fired” them and began talking with our mortgage company ourselves at which the other company was suppose to do all that for us and wasn’t. We began working with our mortgage company July 2007. We copied and sent all the documents the mortgage company requested and was set up on 2 payment forbearance agreements. One was for 6 months and one for 3 months. We continued to copy, fax, and overnight these documents whenever it was requested of us. The mortgage company would say that they did not receive the documents that were requested. Or after the forbearance agreement was up, we would call to see what the next step would be and we were informed that for some reason we had been disqualified. We were paying our payments every month until one month our payment was sent back to us and then shortly after that we were served papers for foreclosure. No matter what we did it seemed we always hit a brick wall. We fought with the mortgage company from 2007 to 2010 when we retained The Fields Group Law Firm. We had nowhere else to turn, we had nothing to lose for we were about to lose our home. April 2012 we were granted a loan modification and remain in our home. The Fields Group Law Firm worked with us and for us. They were there when we had questions and concerns. They were always ready and willing to help. They helped us stay in our house, we are forever grateful to ALL the staff at The Fields Group Law Firm a special place will be in Heaven for each and every one of them. I very highly recommend them to anyone needing peace of mind.

- Pam C.

I am very happy with the Fields Group and the modification they got for me. I saved hundreds of dollars on my mortgage payment. They helped me with every step.

- Kaan S.

I would be happy to write about my wonderful experience with your firm’s handling of my bankruptcy. First and foremost I appreciated knowing up front about the different types and what they would cost. You thoroughly and patiently explained each one and its consequences to me. You offered easy, flexible payment plans and there were no hidden costs. After listening to why it was needed you made your recommendations and explained the procedures and timetables. You answered all my questions from a wealth of professional knowledge. The needed courses you sent to me via email and I found them easy to understand and completed them quickly. When I arrived at your office to sign the papers I was warmly welcomed, as if to an old friends home, and you took the time once more to make sure there was no confusion. I would have no problem in recommending you to friends, family or others that would need help with bankruptcy.

- Ann H.

I would like to thank your firm for all you have done in trying to help me with my loan modification from Bank of America. Your professional attitude, understanding, courtesy, patience and quick, concise replies to my many questions will make it easy to recommend you to my friends, family and co workers if they are looking for legal help. I don’t know if you can imagine the peace of mind I felt after you said you would be contacting them and staying on top of the loan modification. All the phone calls I had dreaded stopped. I would get an email asking for the needed information to send to you. I didn’t worry about whether or not I had gotten all the forms right or sent all the information the bank needed, you took care of that problem. It lightened my burden so I could think more clearly. I was able to sleep better and my stress level dropped considerably. Knowing that your firm had several attorneys that worked specifically with loan modifications and knew all the tricks the banks could try also put me at ease. The speed with which you reached an agreement was faster than I had hoped and I had tried for two years to reach an agreement with them. Thanks for everything.

- Ann H.

Our experience with Fields Group Law Firm was as pain-less as could be expected. They were upfront with us about everything it would take to file our bankruptcy, along with all the good or bad we could expect along the way or thereafter. Before we paid a dime to anyone, they made everything clear to us what to do or not to do during the process. We had several questions along the way and it was easy to get a hold them by phone or e-mail. If someone would ask I would have to give two thumbs up for the work they have done for my Wife and I along the way.

P.S. Thanks Again,

Victor and Ellen B.

I would like to thank The Fields Law Firm for helping get out of my troubles times with my mortgage company. They worked hard for my family and I to keep my house. Thanks again for all of your support.

- Derek M.

Dear Attorney Fields,

With warm and kind regards, I thank you for your excellent work in negotiating a settlement for the two accounts recently settled. I look forward to the months ahead, as we continue to work together in seeking the best possible terms for the remaining accounts in my debt settlement group. Special thanks to you and Marsha and Joanne for your work in managing my account, and in preparing the first financial statement you sent recently. Once again, and with my sincere gratitude, I thank you and all the good people at your agency for the very fine work you’ve constantly performed for my family and I.

With Best Regards,


As I said on the phone I will be recommending your firm to everyone possible. It was a pleasure working with a results orientated firm. Tell everyone involved that you made one family very happy and grateful with the job you did saving our home. Thanks so very much!

- Richard & Arlene

Hello Karl, Just a note to Thank You, and the Fields Group for taking care of my [CREDITOR] case in a swift, professional manner. Your experience and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process left me feeling very comfortable and confident that my decision was the right one for me. Our client / attorney relationship was build in a very short period of time, but I always felt that my well being was paramount in your eyes. Thanks again, for helping me to realize the freedom of not being in debt, and to invest in myself first.

- Jane

I want to thank Jeff for the great job he did in settling my account with [CREDITOR] for a savings of more than $5,000!! I am sorry that I doubted him but there is so much over-promising going on I had my doubts! Thanks for what you have done for me…keep up the good work!

- Bill


Thank you so much for the good news on the settlement – this makes me really confident that we can get out of this hole in due time just as you said – Also thank your staff for working so professionally and with such great results- Best wishes for a great New Year and thanks again.

- Tom

Hi Maggie,

This has got to be the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time!! Thank you so much for all your help with my loan mod! I will recommend you and your firm to anyone in the situation I was in!

- Janet

You all have been such a big help. Maggie has also been working very hard to help us with our loan modification and it’s much appreciated! I’ve been telling friends that are looking for help about your services.

- Beth

Just wanted to let you know I received letter today, stating settlement from [CREDITOR]. All I can say is WOW, and a super big Thank-you. Very satisfied with outcome. Thanks again. I know I hired the right company to handle my debt settlement.

- Nancy

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