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Milwaukee child custody and placement attorneys at The Fields Group Law Firm have effectively handled a wide variety of child support, child custody, and placement disputes. It’s always better when parents can agree on what is best for their children. If this isn’t possible, you’ll want an experienced Milwaukee child custody lawyer to fight for you in court.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Milwaukee Child Support AttorneyChild support is determined based on State of Wisconsin guidelines. The Court follows these guidelines to determine support. Courts rarely deviate from these guidelines unless there are extraordinary circumstances. There are two main factors which the court will consider to determine child support. One is the amount of placement time for each parent. Second is the amount of income earned by each parent. If you have questions regarding how child support is calculated, our Milwaukee child support attorneys will provide excellent counsel.

How Can an Existing Child Support Order Be Changed?

Existing child support orders can be modified when financial circumstances change. If the income of one party decreases, an existing child support order might be modified. Likewise, if the income of one party increases, a child support order can be modified.

Child Custody

Milwaukee family law attorneys represent you in court to help secure your authority to make choices about your child. These are major issues like where they will go to school, how medical care will be provided, what religion will be followed, when and if a driver’s license will be obtained, if the child can enter military service and if the child can be allowed to get married if under the age of 18.

Child Placement

You’ll need a skilled Milwaukee child placement lawyer if there is a dispute about which parent the child will live with and on what schedule. Parents should take whatever reasonable step necessary to resolve placement issues. However, this is not always possible. Child placement may be the most important issue when it comes to the well-being of your children. If where your child will reside and on what schedule are issues in your case, DO NOT go at it alone. Call the experienced attorneys at The Fields Group for a free consultation.

Post-Judgment Custody/Placement Disputes

Custody and placement disputes can arise long after the final court order. If disputes happen within two years, the court is usually quite reluctant to intervene. You will have to prove to the court the other parent is endangering the child, perhaps with emotional damage or physical mistreatment. After two years, there is another standard the court will use. Modifying custody and placement orders is difficult. But if modification is justified, your Milwaukee child placement lawyer will present the strongest possible case for you.

If you are involved in a post-judgment custody or placement dispute, contact our Milwaukee Custody and Placement Attorneys at (414) 763-3200 for a free consultation.
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