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You Are NOT Alone – The Fields Group Divorce Lawyers Offer Sage Advice

Milwaukee Divorce LawyersWe don’t get married with the expectation of divorce. Very few of us ever consider the possibility that the person we used to love best is now becoming a stranger, or even an enemy. Yet, life is long and people change. There is no sense in trying to blame yourself or each other. If you feel like your marriage is broken, read through this guide to find some answers you may be looking for.

Wisconsin Divorce Law

Wisconsin is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means that a Court does not require that a party prove the other spouse did something wrong in order to grant a divorce. As long as one party believes the marriage is “irretrievably” broken, the Court will grant the divorce whether or not the other party opposes the divorce. Wisconsin courts do not order marriage counseling or require that the parties live separate for a certain period of time in order to divorce.

Legal Separation

Perhaps you feel you need to live separately from your spouse for a little while before you even think about moving ahead with the finality of divorce. Sometimes a little space is the best thing for us. If neither party believes the marriage has yet been irretrievably broken, there is a separate legal action which may be used to establish rights and obligations outside of divorce.

Planning for Divorce

There is no such thing as a “typical” divorce. Each case often presents unique challenges that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Even if you do not want to legally sever ties, it may be important to hire a competent divorce lawyer early in the planning process. An experienced attorney can help you avoid pitfalls that may prove to be costly in the long run.

Solid Advice, Close to Home

The Fields Group Divorce Lawyers of Milwaukee have a proven record of success. The compassionate and responsive lawyers there have been professionally recognized as Super Lawyer’s “Rising Stars” since 2011. Careful understanding and advice leads to acceptable outcomes regarding spousal maintenance, child custody and other financial issues.

Collaborative Divorce

Our lawyers give experienced advice in all areas of Family Law, and they also offer an alternative to traditional divorce. Collaborative divorce keeps your family from going to court and instead focuses on amiable and fair allocation of assets. Your professional attorneys work side-by-side with each parties in a non-adversarial, cooperative process designed to achieve one goal: a mutually acceptable agreement.

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